Access and Inclusion

Sydney Film Festival is proud to partner with Accessible Arts NSW. Please visit https://aarts.net.au/ for more information.

We welcome feedback at tickets@sff.org.au.

SFF Access & Inclusions information

Sydney Film Festival welcomes all visitors to screenings and events, and makes every effort to ensure the program is accessible to our whole audience. See the venue specific information at the bottom of this page for all venue specific details.

Disability Inclusion and Action Plan

To see our Disability Inclusion Action Plan, click here for the PDF version, or here for the Word document.

Sydney Film Festival holds bi-annual reviews to track progress of accessibility and inclusion improvements as outlined in the DIAP. The latest progress report can be viewed here for the PDF version, or here for the Word document.

Companion Cards

Sydney Film Festival proudly accepts Companion Cards to all sessions. For guests who require assistance of a companion or carer, a second ticket is issued at no cost to the Companion Card holder.

Companion Card tickets can be booked when the 2021 program goes on sale on our website by adding them to your cart and then entering your Companion Card number on checkout.

For all access and inclusion bookings or enquiries, and to notify us of your needs so we can make your visit as enjoyable as possible, please call us on 1300 733 733 or email tickets@sff.org.au.

Wheelchair Spaces

Sydney Film Festival’s venues have a limited number of wheelchair spaces. To book a space, please call us on 1300 733 733. You can reserve a wheelchair space for sessions in the Screenability Program online at the same time you are booking your ticket.

See below in the Venue Specific Access Information field for the number of spaces available in each cinema across the Festival.

Audio Description

Audio describers give verbal descriptions of all the visual elements of what is happening on the screen. This is done during natural pauses and gaps in the dialogue via a small earpiece, provided to audience members before the show. Customers must book the service in advance online or over the phone and pick up their FM headset on arrival.

AD is not available with every film and there is limited availability for each session. Check the program for AD before booking and refer to Venue Specific Access Information below for further information.

Open Captioning

Open Captioning is a text display of all the words and sounds heard on screen.

Assistance Animals

Assistance animals are welcome at all festival events and venues. Bookings are essential so the venue can be advised, call 1300 733 733 or email tickets@sff.org.au.

Assistive Listening

Many venues have an induction hearing loop system or FM radio system available. See the venue specific information below for details.

Auslan Interpreted Q&A’s and Introductions

Auslan interpreting is for audiences who use Australian Sign Language (Auslan). Details of screenings that include Auslan will be included in the Program Guide.

Subtitled Screenings

All foreign language in films is subtitled in English. This does not include full open captions.

Relaxed Screening

Relaxed screenings are designed to create a safe and welcoming environment for children on the autism spectrum or other disabilities that create sensory sensitivities, along with their friends, carers and families. Performances are provided in a supportive and non-judgemental environment, with slight modifications to sound and lighting, an open door policy and a quiet area available.

Film Specific Access Information

Information on the 2021 program will still be announced.

Screenability Program Strand

With a fantastic 2021 lineup, our Screenability films celebrate the talent of filmmakers with disability. Information on 2021 Screenability films will still be announced.

All films in this strand will be accessible:

Venue Specific Access Information

State Theatre


The main entrance of the State Theatre on Market Street is wheelchair accessible. There will be temporary ramp access to the Mezzanine Level.

The State Theatre has up to 6 wheelchair accessible spaces available on the Mezzanine Level. To book a wheelchair space please call us on 1300 733 733.

There are 21 stairs to the Dress Circle Foyer from street level and an additional 13 steps up into the auditorium, to the concourse between Rows J & K. There are further steps once inside the Dress Circle. There are 21 stairs from street level to the Stalls and no further steps once inside the Stalls.

Mezzanine level has very few stairs and is best suited for less mobile patrons.


Hearing Aid Loops are available, please see venue staff to collect equipment. Hearing Aid Loops are available. The most ideal location for the best signal is Mezzanine, Row G, Seats 13 – 44.

Currently, Closed Caption and Audio Description is not available at the State Theatre.


An accessible bathrooms is located at the QT Hotel next door on Level 1. You will need to exit The State Theatre, turn left, and enter the QT Hotel to L1. Please ask venue staff for assistance if required. Rest points are available in foyer and bathroom areas.


There is no onsite parking available however please refer to https://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/lists-maps-inventories/mobility-parking for further information.

Event Cinemas


Ramp access to Event Cinemas is available from the main entrance on George Street. It is recommended to drop off on Kent St and take the lane way down to the cinema.

All cinemas at Events Cinema George Street are wheelchair accessible, with allocated wheelchair locations. Elevators are shared with other building tenants; this route may be slow, please leave enough time for accessing. Please ask staff for assistance.

To book a wheelchair space please call us on 1300 733 733.


Infrared transmitters mounted in the cinema carry the sound to a receiver that you wear. At some cinemas, if you wear hearing aids, cinema staff will provide you with a neck loop to pick up the sound, and for those who do not use hearing aids, there is a limited number of headsets available.

Audio description is available in Cinemas 3 ,10 and 11 and are available on request.

Closed captioning equipment is available from the Cinema. You can sit in any seat in the cinema as captions are delivered by a personal device, with a high contrast display and privacy screen, so only you can see the captions.

Please see staff at Event Cinemas to collect equipment. Please note, equipment is subject to availability and you may be requested to leave a form of ID to ensure the safe return of the equipment.


Accessible bathrooms are located a short distance from each cinema. Please ask staff for directions.


There is no onsite parking available.

Palace Cinema Central


The venue has limited wheelchair spaces in all cinemas excluding Platinum 1. To book a wheelchair space please call us on 1300 733 733.

There is no accessible drop off on George Street. The loading dock that connects to the north service elevator is located off Carlton Street. Those that require access via the loading dock must advise SFF prior on 1300 733 733 so we can inform the venue. You will be asked to sign in at the security desk at the loading dock.

The cinema is a 5-minute walk from Central Railway Station (taking exit 7 via Railway Square) and a 10 minute walk from Redfern Railway Station. Any bus stopping at Railway Square, Central Station or Eddy Avenue will take you to the venue within a few minutes walking distance from Central Park Mall.

Public lifts and escalators are available inside the shopping centre.


All Palace auditoriums are setup with the Fidelio headset & neck loop options. These receivers are available at the box office. The neck loop option works in conjunction with the hearing aid and the headset has adjustable volume to boost the dialogue levels. To access the headset or neck loop option, simply enquire with a venue staff member at the box office and they will be able to assist you further.

Audio description is available on request.


AAccessible bathrooms are available next to the cinemas on L3.


Novotel Wilson Parking, 169-179 Thomas Street Haymarket is a 6-minute walk from the Cinema. You can validate your parking ticket at Palace Cinema Central and pay $8 all day and night.

Dendy Newtown


All cinemas at the Dendy Newtown are wheelchair accessible, via ramp or lift, the lift can be self-operated or ask staff for assistance. Each cinema has allocated wheelchair locations. To book a wheelchair space please call us on 1300 733 733.


Dendy Newtown offers Infrared transmission, hearing aid loop and the Closed Captioning System in all cinemas to enhance the hearing and visually impaired cinema patron’s movie-going experience. A limited number of devices are available to loan and can be collected from the Box Office.


Accessible bathrooms are located on Ground Level and Level 3.


Dendy Newtown has a paid parking car park limited to 20 available spaces.

Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace Cremorne


All cinemas in the Hayden Orpheum are wheelchair accessible, with the exception of Cinema 3. Please note there is a 225kg weight limit on the inclinators in HOC cinemas – access to the inclinators are at the rear of the cinema on Parraween Street – please ask staff for assistance.

Please note the Venue policy is that the inclinator is unfortunately not able to be used after the session start time due to noise disruption. Please plan your visit accordingly.

To book a wheelchair space please call us on 1300 733 733.


Hearing Aid Loops are available for Cinema’s 4, 7 and 8. Please see venue staff to collect equipment

Currently, Closed Caption, Audio Description and Infrared Transmitters are not available at the Hayden Orpheum.


There are accessible bathrooms located on the Ground Floor. Please ask staff for assistance.


Behind the Orpheum on Parraween Street there is a car park with accessible spaces.

The Ritz Cinema Randwick


Wheelchair access to the venue is via St Paul Street door entry closest to Wilson Parking.
The venue has limited wheelchair spaces in all cinemas. To book a wheelchair space please call SFF on 1300 733 733. Please note that the cinema’s floor are carpeted making mobility laborious, you may require assistance. Also, the cinema floors are on a slope, making it difficult to station a wheelchair, however, the cinema does have chocks available for added safety if required, please ask cinema staff.


All cinemas are fitted with a hearing loop for patrons with hearing aids. Generally, the hearing loop works best in the centre of the cinema, however it does work in all areas.

Currently, Closed Caption and Audio Description are not available at the Ritz Cinema Randwick.


The accessible bathroom is located on the ground floor on the east side of the building. There is direct or lift access to all cinemas.


Limited accessible street parking is available directly outside the venue, with additional accessible parking at Wilson’s Parking, adjacent to the cinema on St Paul Street. Access to St Paul Street from the cinema is via Level 6 using the public lift (not the Brigidine College lift which is also in operation from Wilsons Parking).

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre


The Centre is fully wheelchair accessible, including toilet facilities and self-operated lifts to all floors. The Centre is happy to accommodate companion animals, including providing water.


Hearing loops are available in the theatre.


Bathrooms are located close to the theatre, please ask staff for assistance if required.


There is plenty of parking on site. For bookings at this venue, please call Casula Powerhouse directly on (02) 9824 1121.

Restaurant Specific Access Information

More information coming in 2021.

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