Flexipasses give the best bang for your buck and can be shared between friends.

Buy a Flexipass now to get in first when the program drops. There are 10-, 20-, and 30-ticket options, as well as a special Youth Pass for young film fanatics.

Please note that Service NSW Discover vouchers are accepted for sessions when bookings are made before 31 August 2021. To redeem please enter the code from the Service NSW app voucher on the Payment Checkout page.


Our friends at Canva are offering every Flexipass buyer from 25 June 2021 a free 3 month trial of Canva Pro. Everything you need for making magic – from videos to that rockstar presentation at work, Canva is your ticket to compelling visual communication.

Buy a Flexipass and you’ll receive a special code to redeem your offer via email. Go to canva.com/redeem once you have your code.

Offer ends after midnight on 29 August 2021.

Buy your 2021 Flexipass now and save

Flexipass 10
Save $45!
That's enough for a small popcorn for each film!
Flexipass 20
Save $110!
That works out to about 5 free tickets!
Flexipass 30
Save $195!
For the most serious film buffs... or the largest of families
Youth Pass 6
6 Tickets
For 15–24 year olds
Cheap tickets to help young guns see great cinema.

Flexipasses make great gifts – simply purchase a pass then download our Flexipass Gift Voucher, fill in the details and gift away!

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