We acknowledge Australia’s First Nations People as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land, and pay respect to the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, upon whose Country SFF are based.
We honour the storytelling and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia.

We Thank Our Donors


Life Patron
Peter Ivany AO and Sharon Ivany

Festival Visionary
Andrew Cameron AM and Cathy Cameron, Nicole Kidman AC, Amanda Maple-Brown, Zareh and Ping Nalbandian, Truant Pictures, WeirAnderson Foundation

Director’s Champion
Constellation Creatives, Ian Darling AO and Min Darling, Nick and Sandra Fairfax, Anne and Mark Lazberger, Dr Kathryn Lovric and Dr Roger Allan, Adrian and Charlotte MacKenzie, Shark Island Foundation, Will and Jane Vicars

Director’s Circle
Brian Abel and Mark Manton, Animal Logic Entertainment, Suzanne and Anthony Maple-Brown, Nicole McKenna and Chris Freeland AM, Sam Meers AO, Kate Mills, Beau Neilson, Michael and Vivienne Selwyn, Annie Williams, Anonymous (1)

Director’s Associates
Deb and John Balderstone, David Barnes, Bronte Pictures, David and Leith Bruce-Steer, Bunya Productions, Sally Cousens and John Stuckey, Blackfella Films | Darren Dale, Rick Gove, Trisha and Bill Heaton, Olivia Humphrey, Zach Kitschke, Lambert Bridge Foundation, See-Saw Films, The Sky Foundation, Spectrum Films

Women’s Giving Collective
Nicole Kidman AC – 2023-2024 Ambassador, Cate Aarons, Kirsty Albert, Hayley Baillie, Wendy Beckett, Deborah Bell, Iolanda Capodanno and Juergen Krufczyk, Francesca Duncan, Debra Eckersley, Mandy Foley, Cheryl Hayman, Sally Herman, Anita Jacoby AM, Terry Kaljo, Jacqueline Kerwick, Debbie Lee, Blainey North, Nicole O’Donohue, Lucy Randall, Ruth Ritchie Family Fund

Director’s Cut
Nick and Simone Abrahams, Rob and Sandra Antulov, David Barnes, Alice Bell and Leon Ford, Chris and Annerie Bell, Rosemary Blight and Ben Grant, Blue Cat Pictures, Charlene and Graham Bradley, Carole Campbell, Jan Chapman AO and Stephen O’Rourke, Rob and Maddie Coe, Anne and David Craig, Goalpost Pictures, Sally Herman, Adam Herron*, Leonie and David Jackson, Tim and Akiko Jackson, Chris and Carey Little, Lonergan Family, Dr Stephen McNamara, Rebel Penfold-Russell OAM, Keith Rodger | 98 | Fear Of God Films, Dr Gene Sherman AM | Sherman Foundation, Doug and Chris Snedden, Ezekiel Solomon AM, Ashley and Aveen Stephenson, Martyn Thompson, Will Wilson

Director’s Lab (SFF Young Patron Program)
Annmaree Bell and John Frank, Kyle Blanshard | EP | Entropico,  Diana Burnett, Jean-Marc Carriol, Anna Cleary, Constellation Creatives, Sophie Cox, Brendan Donoghue, Elissa Down, Alison Fowler, Vince Frost, Antaine Furlong, Anthony Igra, Amanda Jermyn and Elly Clapin, Amanda Maple-Brown, McGregor Casting, David Michôd, Stephanie Pringle, Susan Prior, Ezekiel Simat, Alyson Standen, Kelly Vincent, Frances Wallace, Alice Yang, Jo Yeldham, Cero Zell, Anonymous (1)


$1,000 – $2,499
Giving Culture, Jane and Ian Morrison, Julia Laverty, Rodney Mu, Kath Shelper, Ross Tzannes AM*, Anonymous (2)

$500 – $999
Alex Bowen and Catherine Sullivan, Jacqui Feeney, Sarah Goodman, Margaret R Hawkins, David Hendler, Jackie Katz, Chris and Carey Little, Kirsty McEwin, Kristof Mikes-Liu, Vicki Moss, Trevor Parkin, Marcus Trimble, Andrew Vincent, Jane Wynter

$100 – $499
Donald Adams, Elizabeth Anderson, Sophie Ashton, Nadia Banihali, Stephen Basil-Jones, Terence Bell, Trish Booth, Mark Bowman, Karen Broad, Candice Bruce, Suellen Chapman, Christina Chiam, Jeanine Chialvo, Leo Christie OAM, Megan Coughran, Roger Dean, Paige Diamond, Lucy Di Maggio, Rosalyn Diprose, Susanne De Ferranti, Lori Flekser, Valmae Freilich*, David Full, John Gleeson*, Su Goldfish, Susi Hamilton, Noelene Hall, Angelo Hatsatouris, Louise Head, Melissa Heris, William Hoekstra, Kim Jackson, Christine Jessep, Sue Josephsen, Annie Kinnane, Maria Kelly, Jane Kirton, MinMin Liu, Catherine Mairs, Andrew Maloney, Felix Marsh-Wakefield, Annette Mauer, Robyn Maxwell, Joan McDonald*, Alison McIntyre, Anna McPherson, Anthony Mitchell*, Judi Mitchell, Lindy Monson, Gisela and David Moser,  Vicki Moss, Michele Mossop, June Murphy*, Joseph Nguyen, Gabrielle O’Grady, Jan O’Reilly*, Charles Ovadia, Jonathan Page, Pamela, Janette Parkinson, Annie Parnell*, Caroline Pryor*, Gregory Reading, Alex-Oonagh Redmond*, Shefali Rovik, Georgia Shepherd, Kit Shepherd, Lucy Sorentino, Liz Stevens, Claire Tilley, Eden Tollis, Michael Unwin, Kay Vernon, Juliette van Heyst, Steven Vo, Liz Watts, Xiomara Williams, Judith Withers, Larry Woldenberg, Jane Wynter, Julie Young*, Sue Zeckendorf, Anonymous (6)

*Archives Renewal Supporters
Sydney Film Festival sincerely thanks those who have contributed to the Archives Renewal. Read more about the Archives Renewal Project.

Travelling Film Festival Supporters
Sue Bradley, Brian Connor AM FACRS, Julie Humphreys, Diane Lange, Robyn Maxwell, Marg Minnett

We would like to thank all of those individuals who have decided to leave a gift in their Will to the Sydney Film Festival or the Travelling Film Festival. Read more about SFF bequests or TFF bequests.

Support Sydney Film Festival

To find out more about becoming Director’s Patron or other ways you can support SFF, please get in touch with Head of Philanthropy, Eden Tollis:

Email: eden.tollis@sff.org.au
Phone: (02) 8220 6612

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