We Thank Our Donors

Life Patron

The Ivany Foundation

Travelling Film Festival Patron

Anthony and Suzanne Maple-Brown

Program Patron

Andrew Cameron AM and Cathy Cameron, Nick and Sandra Fairfax, Anne and Mark Lazberger, WeirAnderson Foundation

Director’s Champion

Ian Darling AO and Min Darling, Nicole Kidman AC, Dr Kathryn Lovric and Dr Roger Allan, Adrian and Charlotte MacKenzie, Will and Jane Vicars, WeirAnderson Foundation

Director’s Circle

Brian Abel and Mark Manton, Animal Logic, Nick and Sandra Fairfax, Nicole McKenna and Chris Freeland AM, Anne and Mark Lazberger, Sam Meers AO, Zareh and Ping Nalbandian, Paramount House, Michael and Vivienne Selwyn

Director’s Associates

Charlene and Graham Bradley AM, David and Leith Bruce-Steer, Sally Cousens and John Stuckey, Rick Gove, Lambert Bridge Foundation, Paul Robertson AO and Lenore Robertson, Rebecca Rocheford-Davies, Emile Sherman and Iain Canning | See-Saw Films, The Sky Foundation, Dr Greg Wilkins and Dr Wendy Orlay, Annie and Graham Williams

Women’s Giving Collective

Ilana Atlas AO, Michele Brooks, Mandy Foley, Sally Herman, Blainey North, Ruth Ritchie Family Fund

Director’s Cut

Nick and Simone Abrahams, Rob and Sandra Antulov, Chris and Annerie Bell, Rosemary Blight and Ben Grant, Carole Campbell, Iolanda Capodanno and Juergen Krufczyk, Jan Chapman AO and Stephen O’Rourke, Rob and Maddie Coe, Tim Cox AO and Bryony Cox, Anne and David Craig, Darren Dale | Blackfella Films, Gregory Foley, Ben Ferris and Vida Irani, Goalpost Pictures, Sally Herman, Leonie and David Jackson, Tim and Akiko Jackson, The Sebastian M Jurd Foundation, Dr Stephen McNamara, Revlover | Revolver, Keith Rodger | 98 | Fear Of God Films, Peter and Ingrid Shaw, Gene Sherman | Sherman Foundation, Doug and Chris Snedden, Ezekiel Solomon AM, Ashley and Aveen Stephenson, Will Wilson

Director’s Lab (SFF Young Patron Program)

Kenny Ang, Sophie Cox, Brendan Donoghue, Dorothy Creatives, David Hov, Brian Lee, Amanda Maple-Brown, Emma and Andrew Maple-Brown, McGregor Casting, David Michôd, Pier 8 Films, Alice Yang

Supporting Cast 

$1000 – $2,499

Antoinette Albert, David Barnes, Annmaree J Bell, Bunya Productions, David Hendler, Anita Jacoby, Keith Miller, Ian and Jane Morrison, Kath Shelper, Merilyn Sleigh, Paul Wiegard Family, Adam Worling Public Relations, Anonymous (2)

$500 – $999

Elizabeth Anderson, Keven Barr, Robin Borrud, Alex Bowen and Catherine Sullivan, Christine Campbell, Roger Dean, Lori Flekser, Sarah Goodman, Margaret Hawkins, Harvey Light, Patricia McPherson, John Mulquiney, Trevor Parkin, Deborah Stevenson, Richard Taylor, Anonymous (2)

$100 – $499

Caite A., Gillian Appleton, Robyn Armstrong, Mehrdad, Roya and Nays Baghai, Margaret Barnes, Terence Bell, Judy Benjamin, Sue and Ian Bennett, Maxwell Berghouse, Alice Blandeau-Thomas, Anita Brown, Amanda Buckland, Brenna Callinan, Jillian Campbell, Janet Castle, Dinah Cohen, Megan Coughran, Sarah Craske, Simon Crewdson, Merren Dargan, Sam Davis, Paige Diamond, Poppy Dowsett, Anna Dudek, Matthew Ebb, Justice Elizabeth Evatt AC, Andrea Fernandes, Michelle Filler, Dominique Finley, Magritte Gillies, John Gleeson, Sharon Goldschmidt, John Grant, Pamela Grant, Esther Haber, Noelene Hall, Meryl Hancock, Angela and Duncan Handley, Janet Hansen, Todd Hardy, John Haydon, Melissa Heris, Ingrid Hirzel, J Corcoran Pty Ltd, Kim Jackson, Ingrid Johnston, M. Jones, Sue Josephsen, Jacki Irvine, Annie Kinnane, Hael Kobayashi, Brenda Kreger, Chris Kuan, Susan Lever, Sue Lipman, Christopher and Carey Little, MinMin Liu, Teresa & Anthony Llewellyn-Evans, Mark Longley, Rosie Lourde, Robin Low, Ada Mackay, Libby MacKenzie, Ann Mackinolty, Sharon Maher, Felix Marsh-Wakefield, Ann Martin, Robyn Maxwell, Joan McDonald, Anna McGilvery, Sarah Michell, Stephanie Miller, Judi Mitchell, Lindy Monson, Susan Morley, Moser Family, June Murphy, John Newtown, Joseph Nguyen, Oakhill Speech Pathology, Sheryl Oh, Gary O’Reilly, Jan O’Reilly, Frances Reitmans, Kim and Margie Ostinga, Melanie Owens, Jonathan Page, Janette Parkinson, Jennifer Parsonage, Sally Patten, Gillian Pearl, Mel Piu, Mary Pollard, Jason Raftopoulos, Kali Reid, Sonia Richards, Gina Richter, Nadia Rosenman, Annette Sebestyen, George Sendall, Evan Shapiro, John Sheedy, Ian Simpson, Vivienne Skinner, Sondi’s Studio, Lucy Sorentino, Noel Speers, Leone Sperling, Elizabeth Squair, Liz Stevens, Elizabeth Szpitalak, Sheryl Taylor, Kay Vernon, Ariadne Vromen, Fiona J Walsh, Liz Watts, Judith Withers, Susi Woolf, Dr Tiemin Tim Wu, Jane Wynter, Julie Young, Tom Zubrycki and Julia Overton, Anonymous (22)

Travelling Film Festival Supporters

Sue Bradley, Brian Connor AM FACRS, Marg Minnett

We would like to thank all of those individuals who have decided to leave a gift in their Will to the Sydney Film Festival or the Travelling Film Festival.

Sydney Film Festival Philanthropy Committee

Charlene Bradley, Nick Fairfax, Maria Farmer, Sally Herman, David Hov, Kathryn Lovric, Amanda Maple-Brown, Deanne Weir (Chair), Adam Worling

Become A Patron

Contact the Sydney Film Festival Philanthropy Manager, Georgia Shepherd on:

Email: georgia.shepherd@sff.org.au
Phone:   +61 2 8220 6612


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