Director’s Circle Champion $25,000+

Ian Darling AO and Min Darling, Dr Kathryn Lovric and Dr Roger Allan, Adrian and Charlotte MacKenzie, Judith Neilson AM, WeirAnderson Foundation

Director’s Circle $10,000 – $24,999

Brian Abel, Andrew Cameron AM and Cathy Cameron, Nick and Sandra Fairfax, The Ivany Foundation, Nicole Kidman AC, Nicole McKenna and Chris Freeland, Sam Meers, Zareh Nalbandian l Animal Logic, Michael and Vivienne Selwyn, Will and Jane Vicars

Director’s Associate $5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (1), David and Leith Bruce-Steer, Sally Cousens and John Stuckey, Maria Farmer, Rick Gove, Leonie and David Jackson, Rockend Technology, Emile Sherman and Iain Canning l See-Saw Films, The Sky Foundation, Adam Worling Public Relations.

Director’s Cut $2,500 – $4,999

Jerrold Abbertson, Ash St., Chris and Annerie Bell, Wayne and Julia Borg, Graham Bradley AM and Charlene Bradley, Carole Campbell, Louise Capon, Challis & Company, Jan Chapman AO and Stephen O’Rourke, Robert Coe and Warwick Ross | Third Man Films, Christopher Coffman, Tim Cox AO and Bryony Cox, Darren Dale l Blackfella Films, Ben Ferris and Vida Irani, John Fink l FinkFilm, Tim and Akiko Jackson, Lizanne and Julian Knights AO, The Lonergan Family, Prof. Mark and Dawn McGuire, Keith Miller, Kate Mills, Keith Rodger | 98 | Fear Of God Films, Doug and Christopher Snedden, Ezekiel Solomon AM, Felicity Stalley, Caitlin Stanton, Ashley and Aveen Stephenson, Paul Wiegard Family, Will Wilson

Supporting Cast

$1000 – $2,499

Joanne Dan

Anonymous (1)

$500 – $999

Max Berghouse, Christine Campbell, Im Quah-Smith, Trevor Parkin

$100 – $499

Terence Bell, Roger Dean, Miranda Dear, Jacqui Feeney, Susanne De Ferranti, Susan Gabriel, John Gleeson, N.Hall, Angelo Hatsatouris, David Hendler, Ann Mackinolty, Judi Mitchell, Bhawani Murugasu, Carina Rendall, Pamela Rushworth, Pamela Rutledge, Georgia Shepherd, Lucy Sorrentino, R.Sleff, Pamela Sparks, Holly Vale, Jane Wynter

Become A Patron

Contact the Sydney Film Festival Philanthropy Manager, Georgia Sheperd team on:

Phone:   +61 2 8220 6612


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