We acknowledge Australia’s First Nations People as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land, and pay respect to the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, upon whose Country SFF are based.
We honour the storytelling and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia.


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Vote in the GIO Audience Awards 

The GIO Audience Awards for Best International Narrative Feature, Best International Documentary, Best Australian Narrative Feature and Best Australian Documentary are announced after the Festival.

Rate the feature-length films you see and you could win the chance to host your own private screening of an Audience Award-winning film, courtesy of GIO, or other fantastic prizes.

  • You can only vote once for each feature-length film.
  • You can vote for a film at any time after it has screened, until 11:59pm 16 June 2024.
  • A maximum total of four votes per film are permitted per account or email address.

Web Voting Instructions

Use the code at the bottom of your ticket to rate each film out of a possible 10 stars. You must be logged into your account to access the voting page.

Vote now

App Voting Instructions

  • Log in to the official SFF 2024 App, go to ‘My Tickets’ and select a title you’ve seen to vote for it.
  • On the ticket screen, tap ‘Vote’ (in the upper right-hand corner).
  • Enter your rating, on a scale of one to 10 stars, to submit your vote.
  • Repeat until you’ve voted for all the feature-length films you’ve seen.

Subscriber voting

Subscribers are also permitted to vote via a paper form (available from the State Theatre box office on presentation of the individual’s subscription pass) which must be completed and returned to the State Theatre box office prior to the Closing Night session.

Prizes up for grabs

Exciting daily prizes will also be available for voters, so everyone is a winner!

  • DAY ONE: Two (2) x Double Pass to Randwick Ritz
  • DAY TWO: One (1) x Double Pass to Event Boutique
  • DAY THREE: Two (2) x Double Pass to Palace Cinemas
  • DAY FOUR: Two (2) x Double Pass to Dendy Cinemas
  • DAY FIVE: Two (2) x Double Pass to Randwick Ritz
  • DAY SIX: One (1) x Double Pass to Event Boutique
  • DAY SEVEN: Two (2) x Double Pass to Palace Cinemas
  • DAY EIGHT: Two (2) x Double Pass to Dendy Cinemas
  • DAY NINE: One (1) x Double Pass to FODI
  • DAY TEN: One (1) x Double Pass to Event Boutique
  • DAY ELEVEN: Two (2) x Double Pass to Randwick Ritz
  • DAY TWELVE: One (1) x Double Pass to Palace Cinemas, One (1) x Double Pass to Dendy Cinemas

Film eligibity

Every feature-length film screened in SFF 2024 (excluding Boxed Set, Restoration and Retrospective titles) is eligible to be included in the GIO Audience Awards. Short films (films under 40 minutes in length) are not eligible for inclusion.

In the case of Australian co-productions and/or hybrid films, the film’s producer will be asked to nominate whether they wish to be included in the International or Australian vote, and/or Narrative or Documentary vote respectively.

To be included in the official count, for each specific film title the number of votes received must be 10% or more of that film’s total sales with a minimum requirement of 50 votes. This threshold does not apply per session but rather per film title.

See our full terms and conditions of the GIO Audience Awards.

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