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SFF friends share their watchlists
Announcements June 4 2024 by Sydney Film Festival
Don't take our word for it... Friends of the Festival share their top picks!

Alexei Toliopoulos

I Saw the TV Glow – Loved Jane Schoenbrun’s previous film We’re All Going to the World’s Fair, excited to see the trajectory of this cinematic artist.
Balomania – Some of the factual films that resonate most with me are those that illuminate a subculture or world I didn’t even know existed and a culture of spectacular illegal hot air balloons launched from Brazilian favelas fit that bill immensely.
Problemista – Julio Torres is an all-timer in the real of surrealist comedic artistry. Responsible for some of SNL’s modern classics, I have a feeling he will be an essential voice in the future of cinematic comedy.
Menus-plaisiris – Los Troisgros – The only thing I love more than film is food, so cuisine on screen is my is something I treasure most. Wiseman exploring the world of Michelin starred French cuisine has me hungry.
Kneecap – A comedy stars three real-life Belfast rappers as themselves… feels fresh, energetic and grimy in just the right way.

Mirrah Foulkes

Soundtrack To A Coup D’etat – Music docs are my favourite, especially 60’s music docs.
It’s Okay! – I love dance films almost as much as music docs.
Flathead – Growing up in a small Queensland town had led to a lifetime fascination with small Queensland towns.
The Monk and the Gun – The title alone is enough to make me want to see this.
Problemista – I’d watch Tilda mop a floor and find it compelling. Also Absurdist comedy is my happy place.

Damon Herriman

Aquarius – I love a good doco, and I would happily spend 80 minutes soaking up Nimbin in 1973.
The Bikeriders – Full disclosure: I’m in this, and the writer/director would kill me if I didn’t choose it. But it’s also an exquisitely made film.
The Cars That Ate Paris – A film I’ve never seen by one of Australia’s greatest ever directors.
The Convert – You had me at Lee Tamahori and Guy Pearce.
Revealed: Otto by Otto – I’ve seen this incredible documentary on Barry Otto by his daughter Gracie. it’s funny, thoroughly engaging & deeply moving.

Nash Edgerton

The Bikeriders – I’m a big fan of Jeff Nichols. I think his film Loving has one of the best performances my brother has done to date.
Kinds of Kindness – I’m keen to see Kinds of Kindness because I like Jesse Plemons. He’s so good. He’s the standout in anything he’s in.
The Moon Is Upside Down – I’ve loved Loren Taylor since I first saw Eagle vs Shark.
Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve Story – Having grown up in the 70s and 80s. He was the first superhero I saw on the big screen.
The Cars That Ate Paris – One of our greatest filmmakers and I think the only film of his I have never seen. So I’m excited to see it in a cinema.

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