Focus on Programmers: Paul Struthers, Program Consultant
Community July 13 2021
Meet Paul, SFF's Program Consultant. Paul can't get enough of transformational cinema where once the film has finished the world looks different. 

Q: What’s the first film you remember making an impression on you?

A: I remember seeing Super Girl when I was four or five at the local cinema and I was so frightened of the villain I couldn’t stop crying and had to be taken to the foyer by my dad. Luckily, the cinema staff saved the day by taking my dad and I to watch the film from the projection booth and I was soon fine. Perhaps my love of cinema started there.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about the Festival?

A: The films the films the films and of course running into old friends, making new friends and talking about the films!

Q: Are you seeing any trends in films you’ve viewed in the last year?

A: An exciting trend is more creative low budget lo-fi cinema is being made. 

Q: Has going to the cinema changed for you since COVID?

A: Since I lived in Oakland, California until the end of Feb 2021, cinemas were not open for over a year. I didn’t think I missed going to the cinema at all until I walked into Dendy Newtown, my first cinema visit in a year, to watch the magnificent Minari in March. I was so overwhelmed with emotions that I had to hold back tears of joy!

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