Focus on programmers: Bridget Ikin, FLUX Curator
Community July 1 2021
Meet Bridget Ikin, FLUX curator at SFF. Bridget is passionate about the edges, where fiction meets ‘reality’, that marvellous space of friction, where experimentation and authenticity thrive.

Q: What’s the first film you remember that made an impression on you?

A: To Sir, with Love.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about Sydney Film Festival?

A: The mid-winter excitement of curated new cinema, in the company of friends and strangers.

Q: Are you seeing any trends in films you’ve viewed in the last year?

A: I’ve noticed that there’s a growing trend for key museums and galleries worldwide, to show a selection of the kind of hybrid films I’m drawn to. In other words, there’s a new – art – context for this kind of filmmaking.

Q: Has going to the cinema changed for you since COVID?

A: Simply, I don’t take the experience for granted any more. It feels special again!

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