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Top Picks: Playwave Creatives
Community June 3 2019 by Playwave
Creatives from youth arts organisation Playwave share their 2019 Festival highlights

Here at Playwave we are big fans of Sydney Film Festival. But with a chock-a-block program over twelve days, it’s hard to know what to see. Our Playwave Creatives have taken the time to sift through the ocean of gems to pick out their diamonds in this year’s program. Check out their highlights!

Brianna’s Top Picks

High Life 
I’m ready for some dense space thriller! I’d also love to know how the HECK Andre 3000 from Outkast and Robert Pattinson are going to be in the world together.

I’m super intrigued by the design in the promo pictures. Feels like The Favourite meets Wes Anderson.

I really really enjoyed Snowpiercer (also directed by Bong Joon-ho), and am keen to see how this clever, understated comedy will operate. The South Korean setting will be an interesting lens to follow the story through too.

Carmella’s Top Picks

Suburban Wildlife
Promises to follow the struggles of post-uni Australians and ‘suburban angst’ which sounds both relevant to me and interesting to watch.

The Third Wife 
Tells the story of an arranged marriage in 19th century Vietnam. I think seeing it through the eyes of the 14 year old protagonist will be a really unique perspective.

The Kleptocrats 
A rare documentary in the lineup, that looks to cover a fascinating story of a massive complex political scam.

Nicole’s Top Picks

Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts
Winner winner, chicken dinner. Drag Race is one of my favourite things to bond over, so inevitably I’m super keen to experience the world behind the paint and see a stripped back, candid Trixie Mattel.

One Child Nation 
The One-Child Policy in China is something you hear about often, but the conversation often doesn’t go beyond, ‘yikes’. I’m excited to get some insight into the various perspectives on its real life consequences.

Sea of Shadows 
‘Eco-thriller’ is a genre I want to see more of, and hear more of. Not only is this film environmentally conscious at its core, it’s got some real life action-drama lined up for us.

Lara’s Top Picks

Come to Daddy
I’ve been in desperate need of a quirky comedy, and I feel like this might just be it! It’s got a witty dark sense of humour and an awkward Elijah Wood, what more do you need.

Daniel Isn’t Real
This thriller centres around the paranoia of our own minds, I find the corruption of our own sanity to be the best type of horror.

Why Don’t You Just Die! 
I’m both excited and hesitant to see this one! This stress releasing film is a massacre of romance and family, that splashes back and forth over a messy non-linear timeline. It’s not for the fainthearted, but I’m keen to see how much havoc can be played out in a small apartment.

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