Another Round

Directed by Thomas Vinterberg
Denmark, Sweden
115 minutes
A group of friends embark on an experiment of being mildly intoxicated throughout the workday to heighten productivity in this hilarious and moving film starring Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal, The Hunt).
Friday, March 19th 2021, 7:00 pm 

WINNER: San Sebastián & London International Film Festivals 2020

Mikkelsen plays Martin, a morose high school history teacher who seems to have lost his mojo and enthusiasm such that it affects his students, wife and kids. He hangs out a bit with three other middle-aged teachers contemplating their current lives and paths. They start obsessing over an obscure theory by Norwegian psychologist Finn Skårderund, who argues that humans require alcohol in their system to thrive and suggests a daily intake in the vicinity of 5%. At first, this proves true enough: however, before long, Martin’s gone into pure “Nutty Professor” mode, as he smuggles Smirnoff and a breathalyser into the bathroom before unleashing kooky history lessons to his bemused students. His colleagues enjoy similar “success”, and soon the men careen into the inevitable downward spiral, upping their daily intake goals until they delve into questionable actions and circumstances. Ultimately, Vinterberg’s prizewinning film poses questions about social awareness and hints that the culture portrayed onscreen reflects a larger issue not just in Denmark but around the world.


The feelgood film of this or any festival has arrived, and it's a boozy-woozy marvel.
Times, UK
Denmark, Sweden
In Danish and Swedish with English subtitles
Thomas Vinterberg
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