Apollo 11

Directed by Todd Douglas Miller
93 minutes
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50 years after Neil Armstrong first steps on the moon, the epic story from lift-off to touchdown is told using never-before-seen footage from July 1969.
This awe-inspiring documentary delivers a very real sense of how truly momentous the Apollo 11 mission was. It's all here – from the colossal rocket rolling to the launch pad at Florida's Cape Canaveral, to the rows of white-shirted men with black ties watching monitors. And from Armstrong's immortal words, to the tense return to land.

The director, in partnership with NASA and America's National Archives, sifted through roughly 11,000 hours of uncatalogued materials. By using long-forgotten, often large format, footage, and commentary from the era, the film puts us right into the action, and conveys a thrilling picture of how it was experienced at the time by astronauts, technicians, onlookers and the media.

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An exceptional, vibrant restoration of never-before-seen footage results in one of the most outstanding films about space ever made.
Adrian Horton, The Guardian
Reminds you what it feels to be truly awestruck,
Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly

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Sat 31 August
Majestic Cinemas Sawtell
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In English
Todd Douglas Miller
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