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Directed by Ken Loach
100 minutes
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Revered British director, Ken Loach, raises his game yet further with this rollercoaster tale of a delivery worker pushed to the edge.

In his follow-up to the Palme d’Or winning  I,Daniel Blake, Ken Loach masterfully depicts, with compassion and anger, a callous economic system designed to ignore the humanity of those on its lowest rung. Ricky, Abby and their two children live in Newcastle, England and are a loving family. Ricky has worked job after job, often involving manual labour, while Abby is an overworked but empathetic carer for the aged. Spending a large proportion of their income on rent, the couple realise that though they work longer and harder, they will never get ahead or attain their dream of owning a home. The app revolution offers Ricky a golden opportunity to buy a van, start his own business, and become a freelance deliveryman. But things don’t work out as planned, and Ricky and his family soon find themselves on the brink.

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Ties That Bind
Short Film A young man (Kamil Ellis) is at odds with his single mother (Elaine Crombie), who pushes him away with her bullying ways.


Sun 27 October
Mackay City Cinemas
Past Event Cancel
In English
Ken Loach
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