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Thanking Peter and Sharon Ivany

Sydney Film Festival thanks Peter and Sharon Ivany, the philanthropists investing in the Festival’s future.

Noted Sydney philanthropists Peter and Sharon Ivany pledged a $200,000 gift to Sydney Film Festival in 2018.

Bequests and gifts like the Ivany’s attest to Peter’s family’s strong passion for film and affirms the Festival’s reputation as the beating heart of the city’s film culture.

“My family and I have always loved that experience of seeing as many films as possible in a few days – walking around in the brisk air of winter between venues and enjoying the buzz of the city,” Ivany says. “Getting to travel to three or four different worlds without ever leaving Sydney is a wonderful thing – it’s an experience that people will never want to lose.”

Peter has long been a patron of the arts (he recently announced a $1M bequest to the Museum of Contemporary Art), but he holds a special reverence for film.

During his decade-long tenure as CEO of Hoyts Cinemas, the company grew rapidly from a small Australian chain to a global cinema giant, with over 2000 theatres operating in 12 countries.

A first-generation immigrant and the child of Holocaust survivors, Peter and Sharon are acutely aware of the need for a platform to foreground diverse stories and experiences.

“I’ve seen perspectives and ideas change in this country over time, and I think that a part of that is having this access to stories from other places that you otherwise would never hear or see,” he says. “Australia has given my family and I so much, and it’s important for me to give back so that cultural events like Sydney Film Festival can continue to grow.”

As a member of Sydney Film Festival’s Advisory Council for over a decade, and having recently pledged $200,000 towards the Festival’s future, Ivany is a valued member of the extended SFF family.

“If the Festival opens up someone’s eyes to a new idea or perspective they’ve never considered before, or inspires a young person to tell their story through the medium of film, then I think it’s done its job,” Ivany says. “I’m very pleased to have been able to play a small part in that.”

Sydney’s cultural institutions rely on investments like Peter and Sharon Ivany’s to be able to survive. A gift or bequest from your estate can make an enormous difference towards securing the Festival’s future, and enabling your passion for film to live on and bring pleasure and inspiration to others. If you would like to make a donation or bequest to Sydney Film Festival, or if you would like more information, please contact Sydney Film Festival Philanthropy Manager, Georgia Shepherd on 8220 6612 or at georgia.shepherd@sff.com.au.

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