All Night Cine-Love In

To celebrate her 30 editions at Sydney Film Festival, programmer Jenny Neighbour has curated an all-night extravaganza of weird and wonderful films that changed her cinematic world.

As an arts student in the early ’80s, new to big city life, I found my way to the Scala Cinema in North London. A repertory cinema, from the days when films weren’t accessible online, there were only three TV channels, and home video stores were yet to open, it was a movie treasure trove. The Scala presented a mix of Hollywood classics, world cinema, martial arts, music, camp and queer films, and regular all-night screenings. It was as notorious as it was influential. Until then, cinema for me had been entertaining or edifying, but seldom shocking or outrageous. At the Scala, I discovered that films could be provocative, trashy, surreal, troubling, and not always in English. Looking back, with 30 Sydney Film Festivals under my belt, I wanted to celebrate that time; the moment when cinema truly opened its doors to me. This all-night cine love-in may change your cinematic world, and if it doesn’t…well, it’s going to be a great night at the movies.

Jenny Neighbour
Head of Programs & Documentary Programmer

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