The Magnitude of All Things

Directed by Jennifer Abbott
85 minutes
Unclassified 15+
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Potent stories from the frontlines of climate change merge with a filmmaker’s familial memories in this cinematic documentary. Featuring activists, scientists and traditional custodians from Australia and beyond.
Jennifer Abbott, multi-award-winning director of The Corporation (SFF 2004), began to grapple with the gravity of climate change as her sister faced a terminal illness. Abbott draws parallels between this personal and planetary grief. As she travels the globe, she captures stunning images and witnesses a planet in crisis: from Kiribati to the Amazon rainforest; from Australia’s bushfires to the fate of the Great Barrier Reef. She documents climate action worldwide – including Extinction Rebellion protests, Greta Thunberg-inspired school strikes and First Nations communities battling to save their traditional lands. As Abbott contemplates her sister’s fate and our collective environmental paralysis, she poses the tough question: do we need hope to act, or do we need to lose hope in order to act?

Shortlisted for the Sustainable Future Award
The doc navigates the space between anger and hope to emerge with a deeper sense of serenity. It’s as poignant as it is provocative.
Pat Mullin, POV Magazine
Abbott brings sensitivity to the stories of people losing everything that provides for both hauntingly beautiful images and a depth of understanding in how deeply humans are connected to this planet that we are so carelessly destroying.
Nick Holdsworth, Modern Times
Program Strand
First Films
Unclassified 15+
In English, Spanish, Kichwa with English subtitles
Jennifer Abbott
Andrew Williamson, Henrik Meyer, Jennifer Abbott, Shirley Vercruysse
Jennifer Abbott
Vince Arvidson
Jennifer Abbott
Festival Contact
National Film Board of Canada
Official Website
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