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The Extraordinary Journey of Celeste Garcia

Directed by Arturo Infante
Cuba, Germany
92 minutes
All Ages
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Aliens descend to offer Earthlings a chance to visit their planet, and 60-year-old Celeste signs up for the adventure alongside a motley crew, in this delightfully deadpan Cuban sci-fi.

Celeste (Maria Isabel Diaz, Volver) takes her job as a Havana Planetarium guide very seriously, sharing the wonders of the universe with visiting children. Like everyone, she is rather surprised to discover that aliens have been living amongst the Cuban people and have now decided to reciprocate by inviting a select few people to visit their planet. Celeste is given a special invitation and along with a ragtag bunch – those escaping crimes, or pursuing impossible romances – prepares to leave Earth. For Celeste, a painful past could give way to a future of happiness and love. With deadpan humour, the film also makes gentle political commentary: the visitors from the planet Gryok, for instance, were just thought to be Russians!

Fuelled by a delightfully simple sci-fi premise, 'The Extraordinary Journey of Celeste Garcia' is an earthbound comedy with a keen grasp of human foibles and societal woes.
Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter


Tickets go on sale 8 May
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Original Title
El viaje extraordinario de Celeste García
All Ages
Cuba, Germany
In Spanish with English subtitles
Arturo Infante
Claudia Calviño, Ernst Fassbender
María Isabel Díaz, Omar Franco, Néstor Jiménez
Arturo Infante
Javier Labrador
Joanna Montero
Program Strand
First Films Announced
Company Credits
World Sales: The Match Factory
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