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Directed by Claudio Giovannesi
110 minutes
Unclassified 15+
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Italian director Claudio Giovannesi’s riveting drama, winner of the Silver Bear for best screenplay at Berlinale, is both a gangster flick and a vibrant tale of adolescence.

Set in Naples, Piranhas is based on a book by Gomorrah writer and investigative reporter Roberto Saviano. Ambitious, charismatic 15-year-old Nicola and his mates go from being petty thieves to gun-toting gangsters virtually overnight. As the gangs’ older generations are locked away in prison, the gangsters become younger and younger. The baby-faced protagonists struggle with family, peer pressure and romance, all while swaggering haplessly into a bloody war to control their streets. With almost anthropological detail about the boys’ lives, fashions and tragically macho rituals, the film nods at genre classics like City of God and Martin Scorsese’s Mean Streets, while staking out its own complex, thrilling territory.


Tickets go on sale 8 May
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Original Title
La paranza dei bambini
Unclassified 15+
In Italian with English subtitles
Claudio Giovannesi
Carlo Degli Esposti, Nicola Serra
Francesco Di Napoli, Mattia Piano Del Balzo, Ciro Vecchione
Roberto Saviano, Claudio Giovannesi, Maurizio Braucci
Daniele Cipri
Daniele Cipri
Program Strand
First Films Announced
Company Credits
World Sales: Elle Driver
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