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Like the Wind

Directed by Ted McDonnell
Australia, Hong Kong
84 minutes
All Ages
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Celebrated Australian cinematographer Christopher Doyle (In the Mood for Love, Rabbit-Proof Fence) talks about his adventurous life and career in this frank and insightful documentary.
Doyle never studied film and had very little experience before shooting his first feature in 1983. He's now regarded as one of the world's great cinematographers, yet he hardly ever goes to the movies. Inspired by literature to capture "what is intended, not what is written," Doyle's genius for arranging colour and light has graced the work of giants including Wong Kar Wai (Chungking Express), Zhang Yimou (Hero) and Alejandro Jodorowsky (Endless Poetry). With candour and great humour, Doyle reveals his remarkable life story and discusses a career that may never have begun had he not cast caution aside and let the wind carry him. As he says: "It's not a so-called career, it's a life."
Many of the images we've come to associate with the burgeoning southeast Asian film scene – blurry, frenetic street scenes, retro-styled couples in delirious clinches, grand historical vistas set off by swathes of saturated colour – have come to us through his lens.
Steve Rose, The Guardian


Thu 4 Nov
Event Cinemas VMAX2
Past Event Cancel
Sat 6 Nov
Palace Chauvel Cinema
Past Event Cancel
Program Strand
International Documentaries, On Demand
All Ages
Australia, Hong Kong
In English and Chinese with English subtitles
Ted McDonnell
Nelson Yap, Nelson Khoury
Hannah McDonnell
Ted McDonnell, L. Warren Thompson, Ken Hui
Sivaporn Viriyarat, Ted McDonnell, PFM Editing
Documentary, Asia, Australian Films, Biography, Cinephile, Filmmaking, Off-Beat, South East Asia
Company Credits
Festival Contact: Ted McDonnell
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