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In the Cut

Directed by Jane Campion
Australia, UK, USA
119 minutes
Meg Ryan and Mark Ruffalo toe the line of predator and prey in Campion’s intoxicating and controversial adaptation of Susanna Moore’s erotic novel that defies convention.
Meg Ryan slashes her sweetheart screen persona as a New York City English teacher who becomes dangerously involved with a detective (Ruffalo) investigating the brutal murder of a young woman, in what remains Campion’s most provocative and polarising film. Adapted from Susanna Moore’s novel of the same name and impressionistically shot by Oscar-winning Australian cinematographer Dion Beebe (Holy Smoke), Campion uses the erotic thriller as a Trojan horse for her ongoing exploration of female autonomy and desire. The film notoriously divided critics – but not David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz, who both gave it five stars on The Movie Show, with Pomeranz deeming it “absolutely the best film that Jane Campion has ever made.” Screening in 35mm. 
Once the mystery’s burned away, what’s left is a minutely etched study in mood and female psychology.
Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter
Campion’s penchant for gauzy close-ups and frenetic coverage exercise their own kind of alchemy, transforming the film from titillating late night cable staple into a claustrophobic meditation on power and sexuality.
Caroline Golum, Screen Slate

Films showing at this event:

After Hours
Continuing a fruitful period for Campion, After Hours (SFF 2003) provocatively depicts the gamut of responses when a young office worker reports her boss for sexual harassment. An ahead-of-its time examination of truth and power.


Sat 17 Jun
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Assisted Listening
Past Event Cancel
Program Strand
Jane Campion Retrospective
Australia, UK, USA
In English
Jane Campion
Nicole Kidman, Laurie Parker
Meg Ryan, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Jason Leigh
Jane Campion, Susanna Moore
Dion Beebe
Alexandre de Franceschi
Women Directors, Australian Films, Crime, Focus on Women, Retrospective, Gender & Sexuality
Company Credits
Rights Holder, Print Source: Sony Pictures Releasing
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