I'm Wanita

Directed by Matthew Walker
91 minutes
Unclassified 15+
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Tamworth’s renegade ‘Queen of Honky Tonk’ heads to Nashville to record an album, but has she left her run too late? A no-holds-barred crowd-pleasing debut from Australian Matthew Walker.
Flame-haired Wanita has dreamt of being a singing star since childhood. As a 19-year-old with a helluva voice, she performed at Tamworth to much acclaim, but hard partying and parenthood intervened. She's still in Tamworth, now with a Turkish husband (a story in itself), and making ends meet with sex work and the odd gig. Somehow, she gets the money together for a US recording trip. Despite being a woman on a mission, the totally unpredictable Wanita is side-tracked at every turn – much to the dismay of her new manager, musician Gleny Rae Virus. When Wanita should be knuckling down in the studio, she's drinking and fretting. Can she pull it together or will she burn yet another bridge?

Matthew Walker has worked as a film and television editor for over 15 years. His 2015 short film about Wanita, Heart of the Queen, won Best Australian Short at Antenna Documentary Film Festival. I’m Wanita is his first feature documentary as writer/director.
Walker’s film is stranger and more nuanced than its ‘late-life A Star Is Born’ setup would suggest. What makes it stand out from a host of imitators is its shape-shifting moral and emotional arc: the story we get at the end is richer, messier and more interesting than a mere fairy tale.
Lee Marshall, Screen International
I'm Wanita is proof that a rich imperfect character can fuel a great documentary if the director approaches her with the proper fearlessness.
Pat Mullen, POV Magazine
Program Strand
Documentary Australia Foundation Award
Unclassified 15+
In English
Matthew Walker
Carolina Sorensen, Clare Lewis, Tait Brady
Kathryn Milliss
Peter O'Donoghue, Nikki Stevens
Documentary, Australian Films, Biography, Focus on Women, Music, Off-Beat
Company Credits
Production Company: The Acme Film Company
Official Website
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