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Here Out West

101 minutes
Unclassified 15+
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Stories from eight talented Western Sydney writers intertwine poignantly through themes of family and place in a groundbreaking film that reframes the Australian experience. Here Out West is also Sydney Film Festival's Opening Night film.
In 2018, a group of writers and creative producers gathered with the aim of responding to the growing demand for diverse narratives that reflect contemporary Australia, and to tell those stories on the scale they deserved. Across eight distinct, interconnected scenarios, Here Out West achieves just that. Nancy visits her daughter, who has just given birth in hospital, accompanied by her 8-year-old Lebanese neighbour Amirah. The grandchild is to be taken away by the authorities, and in an impetuous decision, Nancy steals the baby and, with Amirah in tow, flees the hospital. Over the course of a dramatic day, Nancy's flight sets off a chain of events that brings together complete strangers. Through these compelling stories and myriad characters, Here Out West explores themes such as assimilation, racism, aspiration and filial connection. With a kaleidoscopic view of a place and its diverse people, the film beautifully and authentically captures the richness and complexity of a modern Australian community.

Nisrine Amine, Bina Bhattacharya, Matias Bolla, Claire Cao, Arka Das, Dee Dogan, Vonne Patiag and Tien Tran are emerging writers and creatives from Western Sydney. They were selected via a highly competitive process to develop their screenplays for Here Out West. Read more about them here.

Directors Fadia Abboud, Lucy Gaffy, Julie Kalceff, Ana Kokkinos and Leah Purcell joined the creative collaboration to bring the writers' unique stories to the screen.

Here Out West is also Sydney Film Festival's Opening Night film. Due to reduced capacities, Opening Night is invitation only in 2021.


Watch the amazing line-up of talent who worked on Here Out West as they discuss the making of the film and the opportunities it offered in the Meet the Filmmakers: Here Out West online Talk.


Wed 3 Nov
State Theatre
Past Event Cancel
Fri 5 Nov
Casula Powerhouse
Past Event Cancel
Sat 6 Nov
Ritz Cinemas Randwick 1
Past Event Cancel
Program Strand
Opening Night
Unclassified 15+
In Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Kurdish, Kurmanji, Spanish, Tagalog, Turkish and Vietnamese with English subtitles
Fadia Abboud, Lucy Gaffy, Julie Kalceff, Ana Kokkinos, Leah Purcell
Annabel Davis, Sheila Jayadev, Bree-Anne Sykes
Christian Ravello, Arka Das, De Lovan Zandy
Nisrine Amine, Bina Bhattacharya, Matias Bolla, Claire Cao, Arka Das, Dee Dogan, Vonne Patiag, Tien Tran
Tania Lambert
Martin Connor
Arts, Asia, Australian Films, Focus on Women, Human Rights, Middle East, Music, Politics & Economics
Company Credits
Australian Distributor: Mindblowing Films
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