Divine Love

Directed by Gabriel Mascaro
100 minutes
Unclassified 18+
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Gabriel Mascaro (Neon Bull, SFF 2016) returns with an enigmatic, sensual sci-fi set in Brazil 2027: an acerbic reflection on politics and religion.

Religion in Brazil in 2027 is a little strange. Raves, drive-through churches and group sex sessions are all part and parcel of the evangelical Christian group Divino Amor. Joana works as a civil servant, processing divorces – but instead, she tries to convince the divorcing couples to remain together. She draws them into the arms of Divino Amor, which encourages sexual therapy as a means to renew the marital spark. Meanwhile, Joana's greatest desire is a child, and despite her prayers and repeated attempts, she is unable to conceive. But an unexpected miracle leads to cynicism and hypocrisy, rather than joy. An unsettling, futuristic look at faith and sexuality, Divine Love is wildly imaginative, visually spectacular and entrancing, with a sharp political edge.

Beneath the witty, sexy allure of Gabriel Mascaro's fluorescent sci-fi lies a hot protest against President Bolsonaro's vision for Brazil… The new age of Brazilian protest cinema begins here, and 'Divine Love' has kicked it off in dancing shoes.
Guy Lodge, Variety
Mascaro’s striking aesthetics give the film a texture and atmosphere that aligns the audience firmly with its protagonist; she’s seeking transcendence, and the movie she’s in approximates it one lustrous frame at a time.
Sarah Ward, ScreenDaily

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Thu 13 June 6:00pm
An emotional exploration of the complexities of ageing. Adrienne and Stewart must care for their ailing mother in the face of an apparent sexual awakening and a strict nursing home policy.


Wed 5 June
Event Cinemas George St 5
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Thu 13 June
Event Cinemas George St 4
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Program Strand
Features, Latin America
Original Title
Divino Amor
Unclassified 18+
Brazil, Uruguay, Denmark, Norway, Chile, Sweden, Sweden
In Portuguese with English subtitles
Gabriel Mascaro
Rachel Ellis
Dira Paes, Julio Machado, Emílio De Melo
Gabriel Mascaro, Rachel Ellis, Esdras Bezerra, Lucas Paraízo
Diego Garcia
Livia Serpa, Eduardo Serrano, Fernando Epstein, George Cragg
Australian Premiere
Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Gender & Sexuality, Politics & Economics, Latin America, Cinephile, Focus on Women, Off-Beat, Religion & Belief
Company Credits
World Sales: Memento Films International
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