Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films

Directed by Multiple directors
114 minutes
Sydney Film Festival’s short film competition has launched the careers of directors, writers, producers, cinematographers and other film creatives in its 50-year-history.

The 10 finalists compete for three illustrious prizes: the Dendy Live Action Short Award; the Rouben Mamoulian Award for Best Director; and the Yoram Gross Animation Award. In addition, each finalist qualifies for the Event Cinemas Australian Short Screenplay Award.

All finalists screen together in two sessions, with guest filmmakers in attendance. See session times at the bottom of this page.

Films showing at this event:

All These Creatures
Sat 15 June 4:15pm, Sun 16 June 2:00pm
An adolescent boy attempts to untangle his memories of a mysterious infestation, the unravelling of his father, and the little creatures inside us all.
The Egg
Sat 15 June 4:15pm, Sun 16 June 2:00pm
During her depressing visits with her elderly, immigrant babysitter, a young girl becomes obsessed with a delicious-looking Easter Egg.
Sat 15 June 4:15pm, Sun 16 June 2:00pm
Stubborn and scrawny 13-year-old Tas gets dumped on her father’s doorstep and turns to boxing in an unlikely and desperate attempt to win him over.
The Hitchhiker
Sat 15 June 4:15pm, Sun 16 June 2:00pm
Jade hits the road to Byron Bay with two besties, resolving to keep her terminal diagnosis on the down-low. When an enigmatic hitchhiker makes her an offer, she finds it hard to refuse.
The Grave of St Oran
Sat 15 June 4:15pm, Sun 16 June 2:00pm
A twisted philosophical animated tale of two saints, a murder, and the dark history behind the chapel on the island of Iona, narrated by master storyteller Neil Gaiman.
I'm Not Hurting You
Sat 15 June 4:15pm, Sun 16 June 2:00pm
A desperate woman kidnaps and forces rehab on her dangerous, younger meth-addicted brother, in a last-ditch effort to save his life.
Sat 15 June 4:15pm, Sun 16 June 2:00pm
An Italian backpacker stops at a remote gas station in Australia and is confronted with a strange situation.
Sat 15 June 4:15pm, Sun 16 June 2:00pm
In a schmaltzy late-90s Chinese restaurant, a father and his punk-rock son struggle with their familial roles as they realise they each desperately need something from the other.
Sohrab and Rustum
Sat 15 June 4:15pm, Sun 16 June 2:00pm
A teacher reads a poem to a class of teenage girls. Through the poem, the students are transported to ancient Persia and witness a legendary fight between two warriors.
Sat 15 June 4:15pm, Sun 16 June 2:00pm
23-year-old Tash has spent her short life as a witness to, and survivor of, violence. This is Tash’s story, as told and illustrated by her.


Sat 15 June
Event Cinemas George St 5
Past Event Cancel
Sun 16 June
Event Cinemas George St 3
Past Event Cancel
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Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films
Multiple directors
Women Directors, Animation, Australian Films
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