Daughter of Mine

Directed by Laura Bispuri
96 minutes
Laura Bispuri’s follow-up to Sworn Virgin (SFF 2015) reunites her with star Alba Rohrwacher in this emotional, Sardinia-set story of a young girl torn between two mothers.

Laura Bispuri’s follow-up to Sworn Virgin (SFF 2015) reunites her with star Alba Rohrwacher in this emotional and dramatic story of a young girl torn between two mothers. 10 year-old Vittoria is loved dearly by her protective mother (Valeria Golino) and taciturn father and brought up in stable environment in their small Sardinian community. Nearby, living in relative decrepitude, is Angelica (Rohrwacher), who is facing eviction for her failure to pay taxes. The unpredictable Angelica, who is frequently drunk and prone to unfortunate assignations with the men of the town, makes a final request before she leaves: she would like to spend some time with Vittoria. From the moment she first sees Angelica, the little girl suspects that she is her birth mother, and she quickly becomes drawn to the tempestuous, independent woman. Bispuri says: “For centuries women have been framed by the ideal of the perfect mother... Daughter of Mine starts from an archaic and visceral maternal feeling and then tries to open up the discussion in more contemporary terms, offering a new, different vision, a vision in which both mothers are actually Vittoria’s mothers.” Psychologically complex, unflinching and emotionally raw, Daughter of Mine features absolutely fearless performances by its excellent cast.

Laura Bispuri’s first feature film Sworn Virgin premiered in Competition at Berlin in 2015 and won multiple awards, including the Nora Ephron Prize at Tribeca. Bispuri’s short film Passing Time (2010) won the David di Donatello Award for Best Short Film and her next short Biondina (2011) was awarded Italy’s Nastro d’Argento Award for Most Promising Director.

Fronted by two fabulously vital performances by Italian stars Valeria Golino and Alba Rohrwacher, Daughter of Mine should certainly attract further festival kudos. – Demetrios Matheou, Screen International

This is Laura Bispuri’s sunswept, emotive, and elemental sophomore film, after her sensitive culture and gender exploration Sworn Virgin. – Jessica Kiang, Variety

Festival Guest: Laura Bispuri

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Daughter of Mine

State Theatre
Thu 14 June
Past Event Cancel

Daughter of Mine

State Theatre
Fri 15 June
Past Event Cancel
Italy, Germany, Switzerland
In Italian with English subtitles
Laura Bispuri
Marta Donzelli, Gregorio Paonessa, Maurizio Totti, Alessandro Usai, Viola Fügen, Michael Weber, Dan Wechsler
Valeria Golino, Alba Rohrwacher, Sara Casu
Francesca Manieri, Laura Bispuri
Vladan Radovic
Company Credits
Distributor: Palace Entertainment
Original Title
Figlia Mia
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