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City Hall

Directed by Frederick Wiseman
275 minutes
All Ages
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With this epic masterpiece, Frederick Wiseman, 91, renowned documentarian and multiple award winner (including Carrosse d’Or, Cannes 2021), continues his lifelong project to document American institutions.
Between autumn 2018 and winter 2019, Wiseman filmed the myriad activities of Boston's city services, from parking infringements to stray dogs; community events to waterfront developments; law enforcement to policy making. The most visible face of the city government is Mayor Martin J. Walsh, the son of Irish immigrants, and a former construction worker and union leader. Walsh is a friend to the environment and a champion of human rights and equality. The policies of his administration are strikingly at odds with then-President Trump's values – making the film particularly heartening. With his trademark observational style, Wiseman (Monrovia, Indiana, SFF 2019; Ex Libris: The New York Public Library, SFF 2018) expertly captures democracy in action at all levels and documents an organisation endeavouring to do the right thing against difficult odds.
At 4½ hours, City Hall is a demanding film. But it rewards that commitment with an experience that is both hypnotically beautiful and subtly encouraging.
Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post
What Frederick Wiseman has been doing for all these years and in all these films is trying to make art of decency and process. In the good ones, he’s succeeded. City Hall is one of the very good ones.
Mark Feeney, Boston Globe


Wed 3 Nov
Dendy Newtown 1
Past Event Cancel
Sat 6 Nov
Palace Chauvel Cinema
Past Event Cancel
Program Strand
International Documentaries
All Ages
In English
Frederick Wiseman
Frederick Wiseman, Karen Konicek
John Davey
Documentary, Cinephile, Politics & Economics
Company Credits
Sales Agent: Zipporah Films, Inc.
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