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Burning Days

Directed by Emin Alper
127 minutes
Unclassified 18+
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From Cannes Un Certain Regard, Emin Alper’s (A Tale of Three Sisters, SFF 2019) riveting political thriller revolves around a prosecutor who moves to a small Turkish town and is embroiled in a political scandal.
Emre is a young and dedicated prosecutor who, when he arrives in the town, witnesses the frenzied, brutal killing of a wild boar, which is then dragged through the streets. Though disturbed by this sight, Emre’s distaste subsides with the otherwise warm welcome he receives. He’s offered tea in the streets and receives visits from sycophantic local dignitaries. But Emre finds the town in a water crisis: the extensive use of ground water has resulted in sinkholes appearing. A journalist, Murat, provides Emre with some background involving faked geological reports, corruption and the impending “water trial” that could have severe repercussions on the powerful people running the town. When Emre attends a small dinner at the mayor’s home – which soon turns into a bacchanal, and then something even more sinister – he finds himself severely compromised. Alper expertly ratchets up the tension in this simmering and suspenseful tale – one easily extrapolated from this small village to many places beyond it.

EMIN ALPER trained in Economics and History. His first feature film Beyond the Hill (2012) won the Caligari Award in Berlin and Best Film at the Asia Pacific Awards. His second Frenzy (2015) received the Jury Special Prize in Venice. A Tale of Three Sisters (2019) played at several festivals around the world including SFF. Burning Days was selected for Cannes Un Certain Regard.
Alper has pulled off something special… a savvy piece of tightly-enclosed world-building and a sharp critique of machismo, populism and their very tangible dangers.
Jonathan Romney, Screendaily.com


Mon 13 Jun
State Theatre
Past Event Cancel
Tue 14 Jun
State Theatre
Past Event Cancel
Program Strand
Official Competition
Unclassified 18+
In Turkish with English subtitles
Emin Alper
Nadir Öperli, Kerem Çatay
Selahatti̇n Paşali, Eki̇n Koç, Erol Babaoğlu
Emin Alper
Christos Karamanis
Özcan Vardar, Eytan İpeker
Australian Premiere
Environmental, Middle East, Cannes Selected
Company Credits
Sales Agent: The Match Factory
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