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A Black Jesus

Directed by Luca Lucchesi
92 minutes
All Ages
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An impressive debut co-produced by Wim Wenders. Tensions rise in an ancient Sicilian town when an African refugee asks to carry a prized statue in the annual religious procession.
Siculiana is a dying settlement, industries have closed and the younger generation has moved to nearby cities for work. But recently, the population has grown with the opening of a reception centre for the mainly African and Middle Eastern asylum seekers that arrive on Italy's shores. Some locals are anxious, others downright racist, a handful are welcoming. For centuries, each year, the coastal town's iconic religious statue has been carried high through the streets by the faithful. It creates ripples throughout the community when Edward, a 19-year-old Ghanaian refugee, approaches the local priest to ask if he and his friends can join the privileged team carrying the crucifix. An impressive debut from Palermo-born director Luca Lucchesi, whose father came from Siculiana, and who has previously worked on several projects with the film's co-producer Wim Wenders.
Director Luca Lucchesi’s documentary opens with two men, both African refugees in Italy, walking along the beach, discussing a paradoxical phenomenon of the town where they are temporary guests. ‘In this town there is a statue of a Black Jesus,’ one says. ‘The funny thing is that the locals don’t like the Black people, but they love this Black Jesus.’
Liam Lacey, POV Magazine

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Wed 10 Nov
Dendy Newtown 3
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Sat 13 Nov
Palace Norton Street - Cinema 8
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Program Strand
International Documentaries
All Ages
In French, German, Italian and Wolof with English subtitles
Luca Lucchesi
Wim Wenders, Léa Germain
Luca Lucchesi, Hella Wenders
Luca Lucchesi
Documentary, Africa, Human Rights, Religion & Belief
Company Credits
Sales Agent: Film Delights
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