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Filmmakers, video artists and photographers really have no choice but to fill every bit of he rectangle, as it’s the nature of their media. Artists and technicians working with the new medium of Virtual Reality will not impress their viewers with the seriousness of their endeavour to replicate or challenge the real world if there are gaps or blank spots in their work.

In contrast, we have chosen four painters who take advantage of the luxury of not pushing the paint into all four corners, but have chosen to weather the jibes of laziness and jokes of unfinished work to use the ‘space’ to great effect. Their reasons for doing so vary. For Jess MacNeil it was to some extent an acknowledgement that one doesn’t remember the bland, overall detail of a photograph, but rather parcels of information that caught your attention at
the time. Sam Holt sees his paintings as almost living things, and few animate beings have four 90-degree angles! Similarly, for Rochelle Haley, whose work explores the relationship between the body and its environment, the exposed canvas expresses the difficulty of translating three dimensional space onto two planes, and the boundless nature of movement. For Ron Adams the purity and colour of the raw surface interests him, and an honouring of
the material that is the substrate.

I hope you enjoy the work of these fine artists who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in an age-old medium.

Curator, Barry Keldoulis

Open daily in The Hub's VIP Lounge, Lower Town Hall. 

Sam Holt | Artereal Gallery, Rozelle
Jess MacNeil | Artereal Gallery, Rozelle
Rochelle Haley | Galerie Pompom, Chippendale
Ron Adams | Galerie Pompom, Chippendale

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