New Zealand Films

A selection of great films from across the ditch, including documentaries McLaren, Spookers and My Year with Helen, and feature film One Thousand Ropes.

Cleverman Season 2: Episodes 1 & 2

The top-notch team and cast behind the critically acclaimed Cleverman return for the second season with their innovative blend of mythology and futuristic thrills.

Short Film

Do No Harm

You’ve never seen a doctor observe the Hippocratic Oath like this before.

Short Film

Drumming is Like Thunder

You can take away Duncan Armstrong’s drum kit, but you can’t take away his desire to make music and perform.


The incredible true story of the man behind one of the greatest brands in international motorsport, Bruce McLaren: the humble New Zealander who became a superstar of 1960s Formula One.

My Year With Helen

The story of an exceptional woman: New Zealand's first elected female Prime Minister, Helen Clark, and her campaign to become United Nations' first ever-female Secretary-General

One Thousand Ropes

A Samoan man with a violent and tragic past seeks reconciliation with his estranged daughter in a fantasy-tinged tale of family, redemption and the power of forgiveness.


If you've ever wondered what possesses someone to work as a creepy clown or zombie bride and scare the hell out of theme park visitors, then Spookers has the answers.

Vivid Ideas & SFF Present: Extended Q&A: My Year with Helen

New Zealand filmmaker Gaylene Preston will discuss her year-long project with former NZ Prime Minister and UN Secretary-General candidate Helen Clark.