Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship Gala Screening

Sydney Film Festival and Lexus are proud to present the 2017 Fellowship winning short films at Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship Gala Screening, Tuesday 13 June.

This will be the world premiere screening of the first films produced under the auspices of the $200,000 Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship. The Fellowship recipients, four exceptionally talented Australian writer-directors - Anya Beyersdorf, Brooke Goldfinch, Alex Murawski and Alex Ryan - will be at the festival to introduce their work. 

Australian screen icon Judy Davis, who chaired the 2016 Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship Jury said, “The Fellowship offers an incredible investment in nurturing the next generation of Australian fi lm industry achievers. It was an honour to be involved in selecting the four winners of the Fellowship last year: Anya Beyersdorf, Brooke Goldfinch, Alex Murawski and Alex Ryan.”

Tickets to the Lexus Australian Short Film Fellowship Gala Screening are now exhausted. 

Short Film

How the Light Gets In

A single mum lives on the fringes of society with her young daughters. One night she awakes with a light shining from within that starts at her fingertips and spreads quickly.

Short Film

Red Ink

When a delusional man tries to buy a box of crackers in a supermarket, shoppers and staff misinterpret his behaviour, leading to an unimaginable tragedy.

Short Film

Outbreak Generation

In the midst of a global epidemic, Annie Spence finds herself the sole carer of her 8-year-old nephew, who wants answers. Ones that perhaps only a mother can give?

Short Film


A grieving young boy accidentally injures a girl and leaves her in the snow. As the weight of his decision presses upon him, he sets back out to find her before it's too late.