Freak Me Out

The hills are alive with weird, wonderful and completely whacked-out treats in Freak Me Out, your SFF sidebar with a taste for the bizarre.


It is with the greatest of twisted pleasure we invite you to experience cinema that’ll make your spine tingle and your pulse quicken. Are you brave enough to withstand the full-tilt assaults of evil board game thriller Game of Death, killer virus bloodbath Mayhem (with rising Aussie star Samara Weaving), and Christmas-themed Aussie-USA co-pro spooker Better Watch Out (Oh yeah! More Aussie stars here: Levi Miller, Ben Oxenbould and Olivia DeJonge). 

Can your senses take the dreams-within-nightmares-within-altered realities of gothic psycho-melodrama Fashionista and Portuguese monochrome mind-bender The Forest of Lost Souls? But hey, we’re ‘family-friendly,’ as well. Please dress up as your favourite horror character and come feel the love at Spookers, the first documentary ever selected for FMO. Bang a gong, let’s get this freaky thing on. See you in the grindhouse…

Richard Kuipers, Guest Programmer

Share the creepy love at Spookers and come dressed up as your favourite horror character: can your zombie bride, killer clown, painted corpse or possessed child out-scare the professionals on screen? Best costume wins a door prize!


Better Watch Out

Home Alone collides with Michael Haneke’s Funny Games in this wickedly clever and twisted Christmas-themed horror-comedy starring Aussie scream queen Olivia DeJonge (The Visit).


Amanda Fuller is dynamite in Simon Rumley's (Red, White & Blue) mind-bending gothic psychodrama about a fashion-obsessed woman whose life falls spectacularly apart.

The Forest of Lost Souls

Arthouse meets grindhouse in a tale of two strangers who meet in a forest where people go to commit suicide - but one of them has no intention of dying.

Game of Death

Fresh from SXSW comes a skull-smashing splatterfest about an evil board game that forces its teenage players to become serial killers. 'Snakes and Ladders' was never like this.


This fabulously blood-drenched combo of apocalyptic virus thriller and viciously funny corporate satire slayed 'em at SXSW. Now it's our turn.


If you've ever wondered what possesses someone to work as a creepy clown or zombie bride and scare the hell out of theme park visitors, then Spookers has the answers.

An American Werewolf in London

The horror-comedy classic howls into Sydney in all its blood-drenched glory. Come and watch this delirious mix of gore and gags outdoors, while a full moon hovers over the city.