Short animated gems from all over the world, selected for Sydney Film Festival by Malcolm Turner, Guest Programmer. SFF is also screening four other animated feature films.

Short Film

Animation After Dark

Check your PC expectations at the door and buckle up for a wild ride that’ll take you to the other side of animation’s looking-glass, where nothing is sacred, off-limits or taboo. And we mean nothing!

Short Film

International Animation Showcase

SFF's annual showcase of the best independent animation from across the world brings all the charm, beauty and challenges of this most imaginative form of art to the big screen.

Short Film

Family Animation

Art, fairytales and folkstories. Felt pens, cotton wool, computers and crayons. Funny, happy, sad, thoughtful and thought-provoking. Creative, silly, serious, strange and curious! The best animation for younger audiences.

My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea

Cult comic artist Dash Shaw directs a kooky end-of-the-world disaster movie for Gen Z featuring a host of indie stars and a colourful blend of animation, painting and collage.

My Life as a Zucchini

An Oscar-nominated Swiss-French stop-motion family animation that's realistic and life affirming, dealing with real issues in a way that doesn't patronise or traumatise its audience.

Phantom Boy

From the French team behind the Oscar-nominated A Cat in Paris comes this beautifully animated supernatural crime-fighting adventure, set on the streets of New York.

Window Horses - The Poetic Persian Epiphany Of Rosie Ming

A charming feature from one of Canada's best loved, award winning animators, Ann Marie Fleming, voiced by Sandra Oh, Ellen Page and Don McKellar.