Focus on Central & South America

This year’s selection of Central and South American films includes a title straight from competition at Cannes screening in Official Competition at Sydney Film Festival, and two award-winners from Venice – the Golden Lion and the Special Jury Prize.


Straight from Competition at Cannes, Kleber Mendonça Filho's follow-up to Neighbouring Sounds (SFF 2012) pits a single woman (Sonia Braga) against an aggressive property developer.

Desde allá

Winner of the Golden Lion at Venice, this story of a middle-aged man's affair with a young street thug is a tense study of class conflict and desire in Venezuela's capital.

In the Shadow of the Hill

The residents of Rio de Janeiro's largest slum seek justice for a local man they believe has been murdered by the police, a documentary debut from Australian Dan Jackson.


This suspenseful political thriller reaches deep into Peru's long-troubled history to tell a moving tale of a man's quest for redemption.

A Monster With a Thousand Heads

Pushed to her limit, a woman goes up against a faceless and corrupt bureaucracy to save her husband's life in this clever and frenetic Mexican thriller.

Mr. Pig

Danny Glover and Maya Rudolph find roles worthy of their significant talent in Diego Luna's tender Mexican road movie about a father, his daughter and a hog named Howard.

Neon Bull

A rodeo worker dreams of designing fabulous frocks in this sensual and evocative Brazilian film, winner of a Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival.


Filmed on the world's largest salt flat in southwest Bolivia, a remote and stunning landscape, this is the poignant story of a traditional man facing a changing world.


Paddy Breathnach uncovers authentic Cuba in this heartbreaking family drama about a troubled drag queen; an audience favourite at festivals all around the world.