Beyond Cinema

In 2016, Sydney Film Festival explored the new worlds emerging beyond cinema, where the bleeding edge of screen culture intersects with new technologies, techniques and artistic approaches.

In three free events in three different locations, you could try three very different forms of immersive experience.

  • Strap on a VR headset and sample one of nine very different virtual reality works in Down the Rabbit Hole – Virtual Reality at the Hub at Lower Town Hall
  • Walk around inside one of two interactive experimental films in iCinema's world leading 360-degree 3D cinematic theatre at the University of New South Wales
  • Find yourself at the intersection of an Iranian bazaar, surrounded by four screens that place you at the centre of the action, at Hossein Valamanesh: Char Soo at Carriageworks

Visit the individual event pages to discover how you can travel beyond cinema.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Virtual Reality at the Hub

Don a virtual reality headset and transport yourself to the streets of Cuba, to an outback rodeo or on stage with the some of the best dancers in the world.

Hossein Valamanesh: Char Soo

This video installation places viewers in a four-sided Iranian bazaar to contemplate movement, human interaction and the passing of time. Presented from 9 June–17 July.


Go inside art at iCinema’s 360-degree 3D cinematic theatre at UNSW daily from 8–18 June. Two interactive experimental films will have their world premiere at the Festival.